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We ship HTTP/2 Server Push with every new CDN Resource, as it is revolutionary in many aspects. Do not let HTTP/1.1 block the potential of your website. HTTP/2 reduces latency by allowing for multiplexing and by compressing the headers. Combine this with new features such as parallelisation or Server Push and you might end up with 50% decrease in website loading time.



HTTP/2 allows one TCP connection, through which you can request multiple files. This reduces the overhead and improves speed.


When requesting data from the server, the headers are compressed before being sent to the browser, which decreases the time needed for data transfer. Since HTTP/2 is a binary protocol, its messages are smaller in size, faster to transport and take generally less processing power.

And best of all. It is free.

We don’t charge our clients any extra fees for using CDN Resources on HTTP/2. Pricing is exactly the same as on HTTP/1.x. See pricing

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CDN77 helps us deliver enormous quantities of Ultra HD videos as well as images of cosmos in up to gigapixel-class. What I appreciate is good personal support, good analytics, and good service with the actual CDN. I feel it is a partnership rather than a pure business relation.
Lars Lindberg Christensen
Hubble Space Telescope & European Southern Observatory