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As part of giving back to the community, here are some of the projects we support. Our goal is to be the technology leader in our field, that's why were the first CDN to introduce Let's Encrypt, HTTP/2 And Brotli. This wouldn't be possible without the existence of the open source projects. Supporting them is not only the logical step, it's also a way of saying 'Thanks!'. Without open source, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Logo PhpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.

Logo CentOS

CentOS, first released in May 2004, is a 100% free operating system distribution based upon the Linux kernel.

Logo Fedora

The Fedora Project builds open source software communities and produces a Linux distribution called "Fedora."

Logo KDE

KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations.

Logo Gentoo

Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized.

Logo European Space Agency

The European Space Agency is a intergovernmental organisation dedicated to the exploration of space.

Logo FastStatic

FastStatic provides a free, fast, stable and dual stack enabled global CDN for everything on NPM and other open source software.

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CDN77 helps us deliver enormous quantities of Ultra HD videos as well as images of cosmos in up to gigapixel-class. What I appreciate is good personal support, good analytics, and good service with the actual CDN. I feel it is a partnership rather than a pure business relation.
Lars Lindberg Christensen
Hubble Space Telescope & European Southern Observatory